Not Just for Old Folk

Mention Lawn Green Bowling and it’s quite likely to conjure up an image of senior citizens, men in flat white caps, flannels and blazers and ladies in white straw trilby hats, multi pleated skirts topped off with blazers. That may well have been part of the picture when Calne Bowls Club first started back in 1914 although because ladies were not admitted to the club until much later it would only have been part of the picture.
Now 102 years on, of course, it’s a completely different picture, twenty first century Calne Bowls Club supports, equally, ladies and men’s membership.
Lawn green bowls isn’t just a sport for older folk but one suitable for all ages and abilities. A sport that can be played either as an individual or as a team player. Indeed, the modern day game being played regionally, nationally and internationally attracts players from school age onwards. As part of the Calne Bowls Club current recruitment initiative they have approached local schools with a view to providing student groups with introductory sessions. Also, as part of the plan to help promote the sport, several club members are about to embark upon training courses with the view to joining the ranks of the clubs’ certified coaches.
Tuesday evening May 3rd is the first Club night of the season. Club Night is open to all members and starts on the first Tuesday in May and runs until the last Tuesday in August, it’s an informal evening providing an ideal opportunity to practice your game, play a friendly match and generally socialize. It is also an ideal occasion for making a first contact with the club either as a newcomer to the game or as an existing bowler thinking of relocating to Calne Bowls Club. The meeting starts at six o’clock although it’s usual to arrive around five forty five and runs for a couple of hours.
Calne Bowls Club welcome visitors

3 thoughts on “Not Just for Old Folk

  1. So – why no response then when I was looking to join?! Some time ago now, but still up for it!

  2. So – why no response then when I was looking to join?! Some time ago now, but still up for it! I may be 67 now, but still quite fit and able – maybe you’re only looking for younger members now?

    • Hi Pandy,
      Please excuse us for not replying to your request sooner. An administration mistake during our close season which we now hope to rectify. We are looking for new members and invite you to join our Open Day next Saturday, 14th April 2018 when you will be made most welcome. The club meets next to the Recreation Club in Anchor Road. There will be someone present from 10.30 onwards. Please ask for our Secretary Barry in the first instance.

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