Aussie Pairs final Friday 28th August Result

Amid the rain and rolling clouds, the 2 teams took to the rinks, rink 6 was the one that would prove the battleground, in the end it was not the close game that was expected, with Martin and Mark winning on the 11th end 17-1. Congratulation to them for such a convincing win.

However it should be pointed out that Barry W was playing left handed due to a recent injury to his shoulder, whilst he was able to bowl and take part, he was nowhere near the normal high standard of bowling he demands of himself.

In the meantime here are some before, during and after pictures, thanks to Martin S and Jan.

All smiling at the start l to r. David, Barry W, Martin S and Mark
During the game, David practising some more of his dance moves, stick to the funky chicken David.
After the game, the winning pair Martin S and M, looking pretty pleased with them selves and so they should !