Well it had to come, the close down of the club for the winter

After making the best of things in this Covid 19 year, we finally get to closing the green.

We started at 9-30 and by 10-45, everything had been tidied away.

A big thank you to, not in any order, Mike & Mayumi, Josie,  Barry K, Martin G, Roy, Ley, Les, Rod, Sheila and Steve. Your correspondent just bossed people about.

Not to forget Martin S who turned up after we had finished, note to myself, must start at 11am and to remind Martin to have an early night!!  hehe.

Thanks for the chat Martin.

Anyway, here are some pictures and don’t go on about social distancing,!

All the helpers have gone and Twit and Twoo stand guard over the green for the winter.
Steve P asked Les what was the latest dance he had learnt, Rod was so impressed he is phoning his agent.
You can’t see the delivery mats, but with all the spray they have had they needed a good scrubbing, thanks Josie and Mayumi
We were very lucky to have the phantom tea maker today.
This is Mike, who has been trained by Mayumi to hoover, did a brilliant job.