Open Day Sunday 28th April 2019

The day started very cold with a brisk wind, no members of the public wanting to play, so our 3 county coaches on duty (Andy, Les and Karen) decided to coach some club members.  They had only just got started when people started to arrive and as the day went on it never stopped.  In all 17 people turned up, which makes nearly 40 over the 2 days.  It was a very successful day with 4 new member,s and a total of 13 returning on the following Tuesday evening for Club night, some from the previous open day.

Les Kirby imparting his great knowledge
Karen (also known as Kathy) Kirby showing 2 new members (who have since joined) what looks like a yellow card?!
Andy Bradfield in the background helping and as you can see our antics drew quite a lot of interest through the railings.
As you can see it didn’t take long to get the action right.
Karen starting slowly with the new visitors.
It wasn’t long before the coach left them with the mat and went to help from the jack.

The Owls have been named

At the A.G.M. on Saturday the 2 Owls that have done such a great job of keeping the pigeons away from our grass seed, were officially named, the winner of the bottle of wine was Ann Burke, well done Ann.

So I am proud to announce that

CALNE BOWLS CLUB is now the official home of

TWIT and TWOO – the scariest Owls in Wiltshire

There were 14 entries ranging from the PIGEONATERS


There was even a suggestion that they should be named every year after the winners of the Ladies and Men’s singles competition, this year BARRY and YVONNE, but it was obviously thought that this was a step to far!

Thanks to Martin S who had the idea and to all who took part, it led to a fun end to the AGM.

We are in the Gazette and Herald

Following a successful launch of the Thursday evening session on Halloween night, the following piece appeared in the Gazette and Herald on the 21st November.2019

Short Mat Bowls First Thursday evening roll-up

October the 31st Halloween, a good night to start an evening session, it was strange bowling in the dark, as up to now our sessions have been in the afternoon.

Good turnout,

First Thursday evening session, great fun for Halloween
Thanks for brightening up the evening, what no rattle!
One thing a photographer should do is ask a bowler to hold on, Ann looks away in disgust, found a spider in my bed last night, strange that!
concentration on 2 of the rinks

Fundraising Quiz night and raffle 8th December 2019, 7-00pm for 7-30pm start

What: Fundraiser Quiz Night and raffle

Where: Skittle alley at The Rec

When: 7 for 7.30 start on Sunday December 8th

Who: Bowls club members and their friends, relatives, colleagues etc to make up teams of 4 maximum

How much: £5 per person to include a ploughman’s supper.

Please let Yvonne know if you are coming so that catering numbers can be calculated.

24th October 2019 workers!

Just a big thank you to Bryan H and Steve M for removing the old wood from the ditch sides in readiness for the new wood to be installed, all ready for the 2020 season (thanks in advance Martin G!)  the old wood will be on its way to the bonfire at Beversbrook shortly.

Thanks again lads

18th October Green mowed and looking good

Just had to take a photo of the green today, thanks to Derek for mowing, great job not only mowing but taking away the grass, how many bags, I would guess about 20!

Great job, looking good, however when I was watching 2 wagtails decided to have a peck around the Owls feet, so obviously Owls are not their natural enemy, but hopefully the wagtails are enjoying the leather jacket grubs!

Can you spot Barry looking on with a certain amount of pride!


First cut of the Autumn/Winter, looking good.


16th October – 1st Anniversary of the Calne Short Mat Club

Wednesday brought the end of the 1st year at Calne Short Mat and to celebrate 24 turned up to enjoy what has become a very popular sport.

No cakes, balloons or fireworks, just good old fashioned fun, see below.

This was the preparation to get the wood on the jack, see next picture, well done Edwina
Edwina shows the happiness of short mat bowls, after only 2 sessions!
It takes concentration
Now it gets serious! Ro will make sure that Paul gets it right
Looks more like a 100 mtr start

16th October 2019 Calne in Bloom Awards

On Wednesday Barry, Jan and Yvonne attended the presentations along with Pat and Gladys to receive an award. Below is a picture of Yvonne collecting the award.

Thanks to all who helped this year, a lot of hard work was put in and it is appreciated. Next year onwards and upwards!

Yvonne receiving the Calne Bowls Club Award for 2019



October / November 2019

Now the season has finished and bowlers can polish there woods and put them away (except for the short mat players of course) we enter the season of meetings, account auditing, minute taking, agenda fixing, election of 2020 officers, etc

Key dates for the club are as follows:

Sunday 20th October 12-30 for 1 pm Presentation Lunch at the North Wilts Golf Club.

Saturday 26th October Ladies end of season meeting at the Pavilion 11 am

Saturday November 2nd Men’s end of season meeting at the pavilion 11 am

Saturday 23rd November Short Mat AGM at the pavilion 10-45am

Saturday 30th November Calne Bowls Club AGM at the pavilion 10-45 am