New Years Eve 31st December 2020

We have now entered Tier 3 as this Covid 19 takes hold of the country again, but hopefully 2021 will be a better year once the vaccine gets rolled out.

Time to think of the future, so here is a picture of the green today, not bothered by Covid or Tier 3. Twit and Twoo standing as guardians, the grass covered in a beautiful frost blanket.

Roll on the summer and bowling, in the meantime a Happy New Year to all, stay safe.

Sad news – John Varney

It is with great sadness we have to announce that John passed away on Boxing Day,

John was a well liked member of the club and our thoughts are with Karen at this difficult time.


The Green on the day we actually obtained our lease on the 30th Nov. 2020

The clubhouse on lease day 30th November 2020
A momentous day – we have our lease, and the green is looking good!

Roll on 2021 season, with hopefully Covid problems behind us.  A big thank you to all those who have supported us during this difficult year, not forgetting all those members and visitors who have rallied round and made some happy memories on the green.

Now is the time to wish all a very happy and peaceful Christmas and a very healthy 2021.

Calne Bowls Club’s Lease

The Club, represented by our Chairman Barry Wicks, today signed the final documents for our own lease.  This now gives us the chance to take one of the biggest steps the club has taken, to grow and develop our great club.

We have been in existence since 1914, through good and bad times, but this heralds the start of a new era for bowls in Calne.

A lot of work is now needed to achieve the next steps and Covid-19 is not helping, but that will not stop our progress, maybe delay it, but not stop it.

Barry W looking a little smug?
Left Barry W (Chairman) and Stuart (Club Secretary), at the lease signing, October 2020


Well it had to come, the close down of the club for the winter

After making the best of things in this Covid 19 year, we finally get to closing the green.

We started at 9-30 and by 10-45, everything had been tidied away.

A big thank you to, not in any order, Mike & Mayumi, Josie,  Barry K, Martin G, Roy, Ley, Les, Rod, Sheila and Steve. Your correspondent just bossed people about.

Not to forget Martin S who turned up after we had finished, note to myself, must start at 11am and to remind Martin to have an early night!!  hehe.

Thanks for the chat Martin.

Anyway, here are some pictures and don’t go on about social distancing,!

All the helpers have gone and Twit and Twoo stand guard over the green for the winter.
Steve P asked Les what was the latest dance he had learnt, Rod was so impressed he is phoning his agent.
You can’t see the delivery mats, but with all the spray they have had they needed a good scrubbing, thanks Josie and Mayumi
We were very lucky to have the phantom tea maker today.
This is Mike, who has been trained by Mayumi to hoover, did a brilliant job.


Friday 9th October 2020 last day for bowling

In between the showers 6 members braved the green on its last day for bowling.

Yours truly was able to get the following pictures, but the fun continued until the last Wood rolled down the green into the ditch!

Since the 1st June 62 members and 11 visitors have had a total of 1,347 sessions at the club.

Anyway here are a couple of photos, sorry none of the players, Ann C, Sheila, Barry K, Josie, Ley and Mayumi, failure on cameraman’s organisational skills!!

Wounded soldier Barry and Pip looking on
Believe it or not those pink woods belong to Ann C, I should have taken a picture of the next end!!!


As the outdoor season ends, the short mat starts at Beversbrook

After several weeks, the Calne Short Mat Club has got its ESMBA covid safe status.

On Monday 5th October, Ann,John and Stuart, set out how the sessions will run and cleaned the carpets. Sessions will start on Monday 12th October and will run as before, with restrictions, every Monday 2pm,  Wednesday 2pm  and Thursday 6-30pm.

We are limited to 2 mats and 8 members, no visitors allowed, booking is through Ann, who is ensuring all members wishing to bowl will get a fair share of the sessions.

The first week has already been fully booked, so whilst we are not back to our attendances of 20/30 every time, we are at least back at Beversbrook and hopefully as and when restrictions are eased we will be best placed to take advantage of them, below are photographs to give members some idea of what to expect.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Calne council, in particular Kevin for all the support we have received.

Reception table

The 2020 outdoor bowls season is coming to an end.

On Friday 9th October the last woods will be bowled at Calne for this year.  To say it has been an interesting year would be an understatement, but members have been able to bowl  socially through a booking system, club competitions have been played and the Australian Pairs competition, which has been introduced to the club with great success this year, looks like it will be a regular feature.

In addition we have increased our membership.  The new members have really enjoyed  bowling on a green that has improved a great deal this year.  We were also able to let members of other clubs which have not been able to open this season, enjoy bowling on our green.

It’s been a lot of work organising everything  to ensure  Covid safety, but it has been well worth it.  A big thank you to all the members who have helped in so many ways.

Still more good news to come, so watch this website for information.

Bring on 2021. Calne Bowls Club is fit and well to meet the challenges that the year will bring.

Finally, as the outdoor club closes for the winter, the Short Mat Club at Beversbrook is starting, more of that shortly.

Another weekend 18th/19th Sept and the last 2 finals

On the evening of the 18th  the 2 Wood final between Ian  and David took place, a return match after a previous final, unfortunately Ian lost again 10-16, but he is snapping at David’s heels so next year look out David.

No photos available I am afraid, they were camera shy!

Next came the Ladies 101-up final on the 19th between Josie and Yvonne, the result was a win for Yvonne 104-76.

At least the ladies were not camera shy!


Ladies 101 up Final – L to R Pat (Marker), Yvonne and Josie

Sept 12th/13th 3 more finals

Firstly on the morning of the 12th it was the Paul Mackie mixed singles, between Last nights runner up in the Gunning cup – Ian and our coach Roy.

It proved to be a tough match with Ian gaining an early lead after 4 ends, but Roy fought back and once he got in the lead he did not relinquish it, eventually winning 17-9, congratulations to Roy sand commiserations, again to Ian.

But Ian still has a chance of winning a final, he is playing David in the final of the 2 Wood singles on Friday 18th Sept

Left to right Ian, scoreboard and Roy

In the afternoon of the 12th, Mark and Martin S took on Barry W and David in the Men’ Pairs competition.

There was a point nearing the end when David Johns had the chance to level the scores, but it was not to happen and Martin S and Mark ran out winners

left to right Martin S, Barry W, Mark and David

Sunday 13th and the Ladies took to the green in the evening, Ann B & Mary C took on Sheila & Mayumi in the Ladies Pairs, the game was a close one with Sheila and Mayumi winning 20-15.

No picture available at the moment.