Open Day Sunday 28th April 2019

The day started very cold with a brisk wind, no members of the public wanting to play, so our 3 county coaches on duty (Andy, Les and Karen) decided to coach some club members.  They had only just got started when people started to arrive and as the day went on it never stopped.  In all 17 people turned up, which makes nearly 40 over the 2 days.  It was a very successful day with 4 new member,s and a total of 13 returning on the following Tuesday evening for Club night, some from the previous open day.

Les Kirby imparting his great knowledge
Karen (also known as Kathy) Kirby showing 2 new members (who have since joined) what looks like a yellow card?!
Andy Bradfield in the background helping and as you can see our antics drew quite a lot of interest through the railings.
As you can see it didn’t take long to get the action right.
Karen starting slowly with the new visitors.
It wasn’t long before the coach left them with the mat and went to help from the jack.

w/c 16th June2019 – a busy week.

Firstly well done to David J. for getting through to the last 16 in Bowls Wiltshire 2 wood competition, he will be up against Tom Warner from Salisbury BC to be played by 30th June

After last week’s successes it will be an interesting week to see if we can keep up the impetus.

On Sunday the Ladies played away in the National Top Ten Competition. We were up against Chippenham Town, who fielded a very strong team and unfortunately we lost all four points. We have a couple of experienced ladies unable to play at the present time and it was pleasing that members stood in at short notice. Hopefully they enjoyed the experience of playing at that level. Well done Ladies.

The Monday Mixed team were away to Warminster and had a very good win 57-43 (8-2pts), well done, my correspondent on the day did admit to losing their rink, keep trying Rod!

Also on Monday Dave J and Barry W were up against Chippenham Park in the 3rd round of the Men’s National pairs, unfortunately they lost, but well done for getting to the 3rd round, its all good experience.

On Tuesday the Men are away toBradford-on-Avon (BOA Constrictors) in the West Wilts Senior Citizens League.

In the evening the Men take on Warminster in the 3rd round of the Tourist Trophy having beaten Supermarine in the 2nd Round.

The Ladies are then at home to Devizes Dark Horses on Wednesday, hoping to repeat their success of last week.

Also on Wednesday Martha and Yvonne are playing in the Nor-West league friendly at Wootton Bassett.

Thursday the Men’s Mid Wilts Triples team is at home to Trowbridge Westbourne A, having lost 59-70 (2-12pts) away earlier this season and hoping for revenge.

Lots of luck to everyone!


Will update as the week goes on.


w/c 9th June 2019

Sunday evening saw the rain start and Calne took on Box in the Bowls Wiltshire Mixed Double Rink.  The rain eased off but, although no details have filtered through from the BW site yet, it would appear that Calne lost.  Never mind, there is always next year.

On Monday the rain intervened again and the North Wilts Mixed league game away to Trowbridge Westbourne was called off, the teams sharing the points 5-5.

Tuesday brought more drizzle.  Mind you the green is enjoying the rain, which is more than can be said for the players.

The Tuesday men’s team of Paul, Geoff T, Steve P and Martin G took on Devizes D at home -a very tight game until about the 10th end and then Calne lengthened their lead and ran out 23-10 winners, so we keep the top spot.

Wednesday brought details of the ladies’ games, which have now been updated on the website.  They take to the rinks tonight at Calne in the Nor West Triples against Chippenham Town with our Ladies’ Secretary as acting Captain.  Good luck Jan,  we wish you and the ladies all the best.

Jan has now supplied the following: In spite of the weather which was deteriorating all the time we had a very good spirited match.  We came out the winners on both rinks, with a combined score of Calne Ants 42, Chippenham Town Dragons 12, Calne securing all 6 points.  Well done ladies, a splendid win.

Well isn’t the British summer wonderful?  Another Thursday, another evening starting with rain, but does that deter bowlers?  No! It cleared a little part way through and, although it was a good-humoured game, Calne ran out winners 115-26 (14-0pts). Rinks were Steve M,Martin G and Rod 13-11; Des, Dave G and Barry W 26-7; Dave J, Mark and Martin S 36-2; Norman, Ian and Paul 40-6. This is the second 100+ this season, well done, but spare a thought for Corsham.  We have lost by this margin before and know how it feels, but the cheerfulness and talk after the game shows that bowls teams never give up, will always look to the next game, and the next game against Corsham is home again on the 1st August where things could be very different!

w/c 2nd June a quieter week hopefully

The week started with the Gala Day on Sunday which has been reported separately.

On Monday we went North Wilts in the North Wilts Mixed league. I am informed that unfortunately we lost 43-61 (2-8 pts). I am unable to confirm who won the two points because either my contact was too modest or too embarrassed to say!!

On Tuesday the West Wilts team were away to Chippenham Park A – both teams had been promoted from Div 5 last year and were currently the two top teams in Div 4, Calne being second on shot difference. The team consisted of Des, Geoff T, Dave G and Skip Paul. The game started in the rain, but it cleared as the afternoon went on – at one point it was 11-11 and all to play for, but after Skip Paul had trailed the jack on 3 ends, the score finished 26 – 14 to Calne.  We are now top of the league – well done lads, but there is a long way to go

In the evening it was Club night, 12 members turned up with several watching.  The most notable event for yours truly was that, after not bowling outdoors since last July due to eye problems, I took to the rinks again, still shortsighted and unable to see the head, but my colleagues were very supportive, thank you. Several of my colleagues have been saying there are no pictures of me on the website, so thanks to Ann B here is one.

A shortsighted bowler without glasses trying to see the jack!!

Still no news from the Ladies, but they are still battling on.

Thursday saw the Men’s Triples team visit North Wilts B.  It was a good night for bowling with all 4 rinks winning – David J, Mark and Martin S 27-13 (+14) – Steve P, Dave G and Barry W 19-13 (+6) – Geoff T, Des and Rod 26-11 (+15) and finally Neil, Ian G and Paul 29-9 (+20), overall score 101-44 (+57) 14 – 0 on points.Question for members: when was the last time Calne got over 100 in a triples match? Answers to the secretary please.

After the Gala Day the green has had little use but thanks to Martin S for mowing it.  Picky request to all mowers – please could the grass always be split over several bags for the more elderly of us to move as full heavy bags are difficult.  Thank you – you are stars!

So that’s it for the week, just a couple of meetings as the Sponsors’ day is coming up – make a note in your diary Sunday 30th June, but more on that later.

The week ended with Barry W and David J taking on Chippenham Park in the County Pairs at Calne, ended with Calne winning 17-7, so well done and on to the next round.

Have a good weekend.


Gala Day 2nd June 2019

Well the day arrived at last and started well, with the Calne Bowls Club flag flying proudly over the green. There was a slight delay at the beginning that was soon overcome and the weather was pleasant and dry. Very soon all 7 rinks were busy , with the ladies in the pavilion serving up refreshments to keep the bowlers going. Rain was forecast between 12 and 2pm, however never trust the forecast and rain started about 11am, but this did not dampen the spirits – bowlers can cope with a little rain.

Novice teams from our main sponsors, Imagine Cruising, as well as sponsors 3D Computers of Chippenham, soon mastered the bowling technique and surprised some of the club teams, getting a few scalps along the way.

Break for lunch (provided by Upper Crust) followed by the Spider and a briefing for the Skips, led on to the afternoon with 8 teams in each league battling for the Trophy and the Plate.The rain then decided to get serious. Unfortunately we ran out of wet weather gear and umbrellas, but that did not deter some of the bowlers, who battled on in shorts and T shirts(note for next year – GET MORE WET WEATHER GEAR IN)!

The 2 finals were between 2 Winsley teams for the Trophy and Chippenham Park and Chippenham Town for the Plate.

As it was still raining the presentations took place in the Rec Club. Club Captain opened the proceedings, followed by Barry Wicks the Club Chairman. The Calne Town Mayor Robert Merrick then presented the majority of the prizes, whilst the Imagine Cruising Gala Shield was presented to Winsley by Ashley Royston (Imagine Cruising), The Jim Wilkie Memorial Memorial trophy was presented to Winsley by Margaret Wilkie’s daughter, Fiona.

Runner up for the Trophy was another Winsley team, whilst the best shot went to Ashley Royston for his straight down the middle ace.

Chippenham Park won the Plate league but in the play off Chippenham Town beat them so taking the winners’ Plate, and Chippenham Park were runners up.

The Mayor then wound up the proceedings by apologising for not bringing any good weather with him and hoped that everyone had had a good day albeit a wet one. He had enjoyed watching the games and said that the Council were looking forward to working with Calne Bowls Club over the next few years.

Start of the day with the flag flying
Onlookers in the pavilion, with Paul’s “Temple” to the right!
Could not resist taking this, 2 bowlers sitting it out!
One of the surprises of the day, the novice team from 3D Computing, turned out to be good bowlers, after a shaky start
Chippenham Town, still dry you will note
The Imagine Incredibowlers team made up of Ash, Nick and Neil
Martin G took this one, as he did most of the others, the footwear is unusual but suitable for the day
This is an all action shot, Jan let me know if you want me to edit this one!!
Getting ready to play the next round
Paul puzzling over another score card that didnt add up.
Pam and Martin, getting the Chips ready for the hungry bowlers, Pam also played and Martin was the photographer
This picture just about sums up most of the day
Who is worried about the rain when you have a drink handy
The Gala Day final between 2 Winsley teams and it’s still raining
The assembled throng waiting for the presentation to start
Ash getting the best shot trophy
Chippenham Park – League winners but Plate runners up in the play offs
Winsley Trophy runners up
Chippenham Town Trophy winners (with apologies for the slightly blurred picture, but Roger asked me to use his phone to take a picture as well, hope yours turned out better Roger)
The Imagine Incredibowlers team winning the Divine food vouchers
Winsley, with the Jim Wilkie Trophy presented by Fiona, Jim’s daughter.
Winsley the Gala Shield and Jim
Wilkie winners with Ashley
The Mayor making the closing speech, with Club Captain still working in the background, Chairman Barry looking on.




w/c 26th May 2019 – all to play for!

Sunday brought the Tourist Trophy on a drizzly day, Here is the report from . The match concluded with a 3 shot aggregate win to Calne BC.

The away rink trailed for the whole match, but stayed positive throughout given that we were only half of the team. We rallied in the final stages to reduce the arrears to 24-17, a 7 shot defeat.

The home rink fought a much tighter affair for most of the game accelerated away to 21-11, a 10 shot win.

We now await the winners of Blue Circle v Warminster in the 3rd round.

Barry W showing the bowlers stance

Rod studying the head, no doubt for inspiration

Thanks Yvonne for these pictures, unfortunately none from the away side.

Bank Holiday Monday, brought the crowds out at Calne Bowls Club, with lots of helpers, Martin G, Steve M, Mark R, Dave and Ian G, ……any more?

Have just been informed that the Glasses (plastic) from the Rec Club are now recyclable and need to be returned to the Bar, once the liquid has been consumed, this came from our correspondent on the Green on Monday.

Tuesday, with a scattering of showers, and 2 teams took to the rinks at Calne, unfortunately the Ladies, Yvonne and Martha lost their County Pairs Competition to a very strong Stratton Churchway pair, 10-26.They put up a good fight but it was not to be, next year Ladies.

The Men however, currently 2nd in the League took on 3rd place Trowbridge Town and ran out winners  22 -15, well done

On Thursday in the Men’s Mid Wilts Triples we entertained Winsley for our first home game of the season, eventually running out 80-51 winners (12-2 pts), notable event was Rod’s team narrowly missing a hot shot on the 15th end scoring 8 shots, well done Rod better luck next time.The catering for the evening was hot dogs, which appeared to be appreciated.Thanks Pip

Everyone appears to be enjoying themselves

Thanks to Martha and Gladys for there painting expertise.

One side done, looking good


And now for Gala Day roll on Sunday the 2nd June 2019




Happenings at Calne w/c 19th May 2019

The week started with a home game in the North Wilts Mixed league on Monday. The weather was fine and the bowls even better, with Calne running out 65-32 winners (10-0 in points). Team Captain Rod praised his team and said it was a well deserved win and a happy reversal of the previous 2 weeks and it now puts them in second position in the league.

Tuesday found the Calne A team at Trowbridge Westbourne for their White Horse T & B game as, like the previous week, it was a close run game with the result ending in a draw 21 – 21.  In the evening the Ladies were away to Broughton Gifford and your correspondent is awaiting the result.

No action on the Wednesday, except the greens being cut (thanks Tom C).

On Thursday evening the Mid Wilts Triples team went to Spencers Melksham, hoping to get a better result that the previous week at Trowbridge Town. It turned out to be the case, with Calne winning 91 – 47 (12-2 in pts). Paul our Club Captain sent the following details:

Rod (with Barry C and Geoff) won an amazing game- it was 7-7 at 15 ends and they scored 19 shots in the last 3 ends to win 26-8

I (Paul, with Ian and Neil) won 26-9

Martin S (with Mark and David J) won 22-12

Barry W (with Dave G and Steve P) were 10-17 down and came back just to lose by the 1 shot – 17-18

Well done lads, that makes 3 wins out of 5 not a bad start.The team is now 4th in the league

On Friday the greens were cut (thanks Barry) and there was a Mayoral visit, with his colleagues, to have a roll-up  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the evening ended with some lovely Ben’s Cookies, courtesy of the Mayor.  Needless to say the Mayor’s side ran out 8-1 on the evening, but who was scoring anyway !

Happy band of bowlers
Action shot
Group, all wondering what to do!
Those Cookies didn’t last long, Yum

Martin G and Steve M were labouring on, trying to get the edging done before the Gala Day.  A call has gone out for some assistance, so I expect some members will soon be helping.

In the evening Calne were at home to Chippenham Town in the County Triples, I have now received a report from our on the spot representative, who confirmed that Chippenham Town eventually ran out winners by 9 shots, hard luck lads, next year beckons.

Saturday saw, Martin G and Steve M along with Martha, Yvonne and Gladys all beavering away, your truly was wandering about being helpful and tidying up the men’s changing rooms, etc.

Gladys busy painting, she will kill me for putting this on the Website!
This was posed, as they were working so fast I couldn’t get a good picture.

Events at the Club w/c 12th May 2019

This week has been a little quieter than last, thank goodness!

On Monday the Mixed team were away to Chippenham Town and, whilst they lost, team manager Rod and his rink managed to take the first points off them this season.

On Tuesday the White Horse team were at home to Broughton Gifford A and it was a very close game, with 1 dead end, ending with 14 shots apiece, both teams playing very well.

Tuesday Club night was not as hectic as the previous one, however a new member was signed on plus 4 more were undergoing training and appear to be very enthusiastic.

Club members, getting ready to start
Martha doing a great job of instruction

Wednesday saw the Ladies in the Nor West league lose again unfortunately, but their time will come and it could be this week, good luck ladies.

The Men then took to the field at  Trowbridge Town on Thursday and unfortunately went the same way as our Ladies, losing 14-0 on points.  However the 3 new members put up a good showing, being ‘bloodied’ for the first time and show great promise for the future.

On Sunday, to round off the week, we had a friendly against Haydon Wick, Martin G’s report now follows:

A mixed team of 8 men and 8 ladies left Calne and ventured into the wilds of North Swindon to play a friendly match against the natives of Haydon Wick on Sunday afternoon.

The game started just as a large rain cloud came over, but luckily it passed over quickly and only the first two ends were affected.

Haydon Wick had the measure of their green and won on 3 rinks, however the “dream team” of Sheila, Roy, Ann B and Steve P restored some pride to Calne with a convincing win on their rink.

Haydon Wick are playing a return leg at Calne in August when we will aim to gain our revenge.

All in all, a very pleasant afternoon of good company, good bowling and good banter.

Group picture before the game

Finally thanks to Martin G who has started the wood edging around the green, but he will need help, so if there any volunteers please contact him ASAP.

Also to Steve and Yvonne McColl for the painting they did on the bench stands, also to Martha who I believe was hoping to get 1 or 2 of the benches done.

Without all our willing volunteers where would we be, a big thank you to all the unsung heroes.



Interesting week for Calne Bowls Club w/c 5th May 2019

Tuesday afternoon saw the club take on Warminster at Warminster in the White Horse League and a convincing win by 24-13 saw our team take top position in Div 4.  In the evening it was a hectic club night with 10 people undergoing coaching and 2 rinks of members having a roll-up. On another rink was the first round of the county 4s. Calne, led by Martin S., were up against Chippenham Park and after a close game, Calne lost by 1 shot on the last end.

On Wednesday the weather changed and as a result the Ladies Nor-West League game at Avon B.C. was called off due to hailstones and torrential rain.

On Thursday the evening saw the men’s triples team take on Devizes at Devizes.  Luckily it eventually turned into a dry evening and a good win for Calne 75-68 12-2 points. That makes it 2 wins in a row, after beating Corsham at Corsham the previous week.

On Friday there was no game but Barry our greenkeeper spent most of the day working hard on the green.  Thanks Barry, it is appreciated.

Finally, on Saturday, it was the Lions Annual Duck Race.  It was a chilly start but warmed up as the day went on.  Our tombola did brisk business all day and a huge thank you to all the members who donated items and to Yvonne and Steve (aka Stuart!) for all their hard work and also the 2 Anns, Pat, Josie, David and last but not least Martin G for his unsinkable ducks ( if I have forgotten anyone, please accept my apologies). The day raised £184 for the club.

Stuart and Steve catching the big one!
Steve shouting again, with Ann and Pat. Yvonne working in the background
Tombola stand, with lots of bottles