w/e 18th September 2021

w/e 18th September 2021

The week started with the Local Sponsors Day on Sunday, it was a very good afternoon but due to the lateness in the season only 2 of our many sponsors could make it, thank you 3D computers from Chippenham and Oakleaf Accounting from Calne. It was a little overcast but dry, it is surprising the ability novice players can gather so quickly.

Happy bowlers, with Paul top left.
Another group photo
These are the prize winners on the day, well done.
As you can see this was taken towards the end of the, very overcast
Some of the club me,bets relaxing


At the same time there was a Mixed Triples Semi-final, this game proved to be very close with both teams tying on the 17th end. The deciding bowl was delivered by Barry W. who had a slight wick to go on and take the jack into the ditch, as you will see from the photo a toucher still touching the jack in the ditch is a killer. The final score ending up as 15-13 to Barry W, Yvonne and Dave J, against Ian, Josie and Roy. It was worthy of a final.

L to R Barry W, Josie, Dave J, Ian, Yvonne and Roy
The killer shot!
Back row L to R Gill and Pt W, front row L to R Sheila, Karen and Rod.
Norman in a sober state! and on the right Steve M celebrating the fact that the bar-steward had Zero coke in before he asked for it. Some customers are difficult.

On Monday there were 2 Quarter-Finals  of the Australian rule pairs competition in the evening. The honours went to Paul and Ian against Derek and Angela C 12-9, in the other game Dave J and Barry W came out winners against Ann C and Ley 18-8.

Paul, Ian, Angela C and Derek
Paul, Ian, Angela C and Derek

Tuesday is the last Club night of the season, next week Tuesday evening is the Watson Twighlight Bowl, with Fish and chips of course.

Wednesday evening brought the final of the men’s 101-up competition between Paul and Ian, it was close and at one time an impromptu umpire who was visiting the club was called to pontificate on one end, we are very grateful to him for sparing his valuable time, the final score was 109-91 to Paul.

L to R Ian, camera shy Dave G and Paul
We didn’t catch his name, but we are grateful to him!

Thursday and another competition game, this time it was the first Semi-final of the Aussie pairs competition, Ian and Paul took on Martin and Mark, it was game that was eventually settled on the last end. Martin/Mark led for nearly the whole of the game and only lost on the last end 15-18.

L to R Paul, Ian, Mark and Martin


On Friday the Ladies had their annual lunch at The Pewsham, Chippenham. It was a very enjoyable and they all enjoyed them selves.

I am not sure whether this was before or after, but they all look very relaxed.

To round off the week on Saturday there were 2 events both in the afternoon firstly the Ladies Fun Day was a great success, Pat Ran out as winner, but the scoring caused much fun and hilarity!

Sorry about the colour, but this is an exciting moment trying to work out the scores.
Pat receiving her prize from Yvonne

The men’s pairs final turned out to be an exciting game with Roy/Ian playing Mark/Martin. With one end to go Mark and Martin were trailing by 3 shots and a terrific delivery from Martin took the jack into the ditch for a moment it looked like they had scored 4 to win the match, unfortunately it was a 3 and an extra end had to be played, again with his last wood Martin took the jack into the ditch but failed to get the shot so Ian/Roy won 17-16. It is the first trophies to be presented event if they were not engraved.

L to R Mark, Martin, Roy and Ian