April 10th 2021 a hive of activity.


Here are some pictures of members hard at work, where would we be without volunteers?

Also thanks to Ann for the tea, coffee and sausage rolls, to Sheila for storing our books, Yvonne who managed to avoid getting in a picture!

Norman, Mayumi, Mike and Barry.  What can’t be seen in the

picture is Karen coming along behind Barry, clearing up his


The new noticeboard up at last with Steve doing the honours, picture of a tree!
Martha and Mayumi hanging out the bunting for Club Opening  Day
Norman, Mayumi, Barry and Steve
Martin and Dave wheeling the score board to its new home
Martin G and Dave putting the wheels back on.
Our Norman with paint brush


One of our stalwarts April 2021

I apologise to the others that have worked so hard to paint the surround, but no photos were sent to me of them and no one had a hat like this!

I managed to catch one of the stalwarts of the club, Gladys, waving a paint brush around, she is a dab hand at paining anything that isn’t moving!

Thank you Gladys members like you keep the club going.

The surround is nearly finished and to the right  colour spec!

Easter Weekend and still working on the green

What can you say! Calne Bowls Club would not be able to get everything needed to be done without volunteers, so a big thank you to all those involved in getting the green and surrounds ready for the 17th April opening day, when the Chairman sends down the first wood and the season starts.

A big thank you to Richard, Joel and Tim who joined members Les,  Panos and Dave to get the hard work done



With apologies for the slight blurriness (they are fast movers these two!) here are Martin and Rod, just popping in to make sure the work it was up to their high standards!

Club opening day Saturday 17th April 2021 – 10-30am

Whilst we are still awaiting information from Bowls England regarding Covid restrictions, we are expecting to be able to open our club on Saturday 17th April with certain restrictions, namely playing on only every other rink and maximum 6 members per rink for roll-ups.

There will be a booking system through the Club Secretary as per last year, along with all the restrictions we had in place in 2020 including sanitising etc.

Members will be advised as soon as we have received B.E. instructions.

The green is looking very good.  Some members have started the work on the flower beds and replacing slabs in the surrounding.

If you are passing by, please give them a cheery hello to help encourage them in their hard work.  Meanwhile a big thank you from the club members for all your hard work – you know who you are.

Sunday 21st March 2021 and the green is being made ready for playing.

Below are pictures of the green, sent to your correspondent by our Chairman Barry, a lot of work has gone into the green over the winter and here you can see 2 of our stalwarts doing some final preparations.In addition even the planyt containers are getting a paint job, caution anyone standing still for too long will be painted!

One of our guardian Owls(Twoo) looking on
Ley is on the left and Derek is on the right.


A big thank you to Sports England Return to Play Scheme 2021

We have now received the grant from the Sports England scheme which is there to help sports clubs to resume playing, Covid safe, and we are getting ready to set up the club as an even safer environment than it was last year. Without this grant many of the items we have obtained, such as non touch soap and hand gel dispensers, infra-red head thermometer, anti viral wipes and foggers, would have been beyond the club’s finances. In addition we have ordered 2 x 2.5 mtr square gazebos for extra cover, as the pavilion will still have restricted use for a while.  There will be an extractor fan installed in the pavilion to allow greater air flow.

Work needs to be done on the flower beds and some members have already started on the preparation.  We will also be working on the paving to make it safe (thanks again to Calne Council for their grant),

We now await Bowls England instructions to get started and we will be ready to welcome members and visitors to our green in a safe and attractive environment to play the wonderful game of bowls.


Another day and another job completed March 2021

Les and Phil getting stuck in

Many thanks to Les and Phil, 2 of our newest members. They have tackled the buddleia and given it its annual haircut.  At the same time Yvonne trimmed back the laurel.

Many thanks folks.  There is still a lot to do but we will be ready when we eventually get the OK from Bowls England to get back to bowls.  Come March 29th, Covid restrictions permitting, we will roll our sleeves up and really get cracking on smartening up the club for opening day.

The laurel all trimmed
The green is looking good, some work to be done shortly.


Calne Without Parish Council Grant March 2021

Many thanks to Calne Without Parish Council for the grant to enable us to purchase smaller sized woods for club stock, giving visitors and new members the chance to try out all different sizes and enjoy the great game of bowls.  Smaller woods are more suitable for both the young players and more mature members of our community and are good for beginners. We had only 1 set in stock and now will be able to buy several more sets to give us options.



Calne Town Council Grant March 2021

A big thank you to Calne Town Council as we have just been given a grant to enable us to complete the renovation of our green surrounds.  It is greatly appreciated as we get the club ready to face a new season and will enable us to ensure that the club is an attractive addition to the Recreation Club area.