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CBC Club Cleaning Requirements.

It is important that the Club Premises are kept clean and orderly.  Whilst we can all take care to ensure everything is kept in its place, it is necessary to regularly check and make sure everything is clean, and in a condition that our visitors will appreciate.

To do this there is a cleaning rota which is pinned to the notice board in both the ladies’ and men’s changing rooms at the beginning of each season.

Your name will appear only once on the rota.

There are usually three names allocated for a specified date period in which to complete the cleaning tasks. It is not necessary to do the task together, but it may help to liaise so that there is no repetition/omission of certain areas.

Once you have completed your cleaning, please tick your name on the rota.

The areas to be cleaned are:-

Ladies’ changing room – clean the floor and tidy the room.

Men’s changing room – clean floor and tidy the room.

Club house – vacuum floor, tidy tables and floor. Empty rubbish bin.

Kitchen – clean sink, taps and work tops. Do any washing up. Check fridge is clean and wipe as necessary. Wipe unit doors and kettles, also the urn.


Ladies’ – Clean toilet, clean wash basin, check toilet paper replace if needed, (kept in unit in ladies) tidy surfaces and clean floor.  Check paper towel holder and empty bin, replacing the plastic liner (kept in sink unit in kitchen).

Men’s – Clean toilet, check on toilet paper and clean floor. Check paper towel holder. Empty bin and replace plastic liner (kept in sink unit in kitchen).

Urinal – Clean,and clean floor.

Cleaning material/equipment is available in the clubhouse

November 2021