Calne Bowls Club

Club Competitions

Draw Tables

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Gunning (Club Championship) Singles – 4 woods 21 shots

Presidents 2 Woods Singles – 2 woods 18 ends

Club Pairs – 4 woods 18 ends

John Geeves 101 up Singles – 4 woods

Novices Singles – 4 woods 21 shots



Bridges Cup (Club Championship) Singles – 4 woods 21 shots

2 Wood Singles – 2 woods 18 ends

Pairs – 4 woods 18 ends

Hatherall 101 up Singles – 4 woods

Swaffield Novices Cup Singles – 4 woods 21 shots


Open Aussie Rules Competition – 4 woods 15 ends

Open Paul Mackie Trophy Singles – 4 woods 18 ends

Mixed Drawn Pairs – 4 woods 18 ends

Mixed Triples – 3 woods 18 ends

Club Competition Rules

  • Rounds of all competitions must be completed by the dates specified for each competition. Should a game not be played by the due date then the Competition Secretary must be advised of the reason for any delay and they will they exercise their prerogative to agree to a later date which should be within 7 days of the original specified date.
  • Once the draw for the competitions have been published then it is the responsibility of both players/ teams to contact their opponent(s) within 10 days of publication to agree a date on which to play the first round match. This must be before the date for the end of the round. If no date can be agreed then the first named in the draw (The Challenger) shall offer three dates to the opposing player(s) consisting of one evening, one during the day and one on a weekend, failure to do so will mean that the challenger(s) forfeits the game. In the event that the opposing player(s) is unable to play on any of the three dates offered and there being no other date acceptable to all players before the closing date of the round, the opposing player(s) shall forfeit the game – unless rule 1 above is invoked. For subsequent rounds the time period is 7 days from the date of the end of the previous round in which to agree a date to play the game.
  • The challenger(s) (the first named) is responsible for arranging the game, booking the rink and engaging the services of a marker if one is required. Markers must be competent and acceptable to both players.
  • Club shirts and greys should be worn by all players (including the marker). For all Ladies Finals the dress code for players and the marker will be club shirts and whites.
  • Before the start of a match a draw will be made to decide the rink on which to play. This will be from all available rinks. The challenger will invite their opponent to draw a rink.
  • Player(s) who arrive more than 20 minutes after the agreed start time (unless a delay has been agreed) will be eliminated.
  • Pairs/Triples competitions. Should a player be unable to take part then a substitute can be brought in providing the substitute has not already played in that competition. The competition secretary must be advised of any changes. No substitution will be allowed for semi-finals or finals.
  • At the end of the match both players or one from each team must sign the score card. The winner of the match must enter the result on the competition sheet on the notice board, advise the competition secretary of the result (preferably by email) and place the scorecard in the box in the club house.
  • Any issues that arise that are not able to be resolved between the players and the competition secretary will be brought before the competition committee.


Rink Bookings for 2022


Details will be posted shortly but will be similar to last year, bookings by Email, etc