As the outdoor season ends, the short mat starts at Beversbrook

After several weeks, the Calne Short Mat Club has got its ESMBA covid safe status.

On Monday 5th October, Ann,John and Stuart, set out how the sessions will run and cleaned the carpets. Sessions will start on Monday 12th October and will run as before, with restrictions, every Monday 2pm,  Wednesday 2pm  and Thursday 6-30pm.

We are limited to 2 mats and 8 members, no visitors allowed, booking is through Ann, who is ensuring all members wishing to bowl will get a fair share of the sessions.

The first week has already been fully booked, so whilst we are not back to our attendances of 20/30 every time, we are at least back at Beversbrook and hopefully as and when restrictions are eased we will be best placed to take advantage of them, below are photographs to give members some idea of what to expect.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Calne council, in particular Kevin for all the support we have received.

Reception table