May 30th – we will be opening the club again, its been a long winter!

May 30th – we will be opening the club again, its been a long winter!

We have now been given permission by Bowls England to open the rinks for bowling.  However this will not include competitive bowling and will be for  members only, open to just 6 bowlers playing on only 3 rinks at one time – rinks 1, 3, 5 or 2, 4, 6, with a maximum of 2 bowlers per rink

Details will be sent out to members shortly and there will be a booking system to eliminate disappointment.

The main clubhouse and both changing rooms remain closed but essential maintenance will continue, adhering to the 2 metre social distancing,  so please don’t shout at our maintenance manager (this happened recently whilst he was operating within Covid-safe guidelines, not a member I am glad to say)!

Plans are in hand in the hope that we can start a pairs competition if restrictions are further relaxed in July.

Work is continuing on the green as you can see below and advertising boards are now up.  A big thank you to Martin G and his team,who are now going to work on the ditches, as well as Ley who looks after the green/various bits of equipment.

It would also be wrong not to mention our sponsors, who have stuck with us, even though they have had their own problems. The club secretary would like to personally thank Pete at 3D computers in Chippenham for getting his PC back up and running – a pleasure to support you, Pete.