Calne Bowls Club

Gallery – Open Day 8th August 2020

Come and meet Twit and Twoo, very important members of the club. They ensure pigeons are kept of the green when we seed in the closed season.
Ladies on reception getting sorted
Visitors start arriving

A small group of photos showing Mark looking after 2 visitors
I was accused of only taking pictures of ladies, however this sums up the day, very hot with a risk of coved. A memory of the day
This is a collection of woods

First attempt at bowling, not bad

First visitors through the gate getting down to it
Some people have just got it
Another natural bowler, recently returned from Spain

Someone who is a natural

I told you I would put this on the website
Roy our county coach is making sure if the wood is dropped he will be light on his feet
Great delivery
I am not putting a caption on this, but to say thanks Martha
Kay trying again
Advice is never far away
This is a man who was born to bowlAdvice being given out again,
Steve and Yvonne with one of our possible new members