Club Tidy Session 30th March/6th April

Club Tidy Session 30th March/6th April

Nearly finished all the preparation for the coming season, pictures from the 6th April work party, understand that there will be some more work being done on Tuesday 9th April, thanks to all who have given up their time, you can be proud of the results you have achieved.

6th April – More excitement at the club

Martha getting down to it

Gladys sporting the latest paint protection hat with Josie
Our local C.S.I. on paint duty, Ann and Josie ‘enjoying’ themselves
Martin with the new blue mats and Pam cleaning up the men’s area, is that a can of lager in her hand?





























30th March – The Day

Well, approx 14 club members turned up and got stuck in.  There will be a follow-up session to finish off the preparations and, as Martin G said, that will be Saturday 6th April at 10am.  If you want to help please let Martin know so that he can allocate exciting tasks for you!

Thanks to all who turned up.  There was plenty to eat and drink, thanks to those who brought consumables for the workers. Here are some pictures of some of the happy band (not everyone I would add, please accept my apologies if you are not featured). I would point out that Gladys was out doing ditch cleaning, as well as keeping the troops going with refreshments.

See you all on the 6th April

Gill and Rod pruning and sweeping, like good ‘uns!




Martin and Arnold deep in the ditch, clearing it out ready for the bowls to fall into it in the summer










If you want to know how much fun can be had painting a bench ask Des and Yvonne!
John giving instructions to Karen, who was too fast to catch on camera!











Gladys keeping the workers going (Gladys also did work on the green as well!)
Pam and Ann forgetting that the purpose was to paint the bin!