The Owls have been named

The Owls have been named

At the A.G.M. on Saturday the 2 Owls that have done such a great job of keeping the pigeons away from our grass seed, were officially named, the winner of the bottle of wine was Ann Burke, well done Ann.

So I am proud to announce that

CALNE BOWLS CLUB is now the official home of

TWIT and TWOO – the scariest Owls in Wiltshire

There were 14 entries ranging from the PIGEONATERS


There was even a suggestion that they should be named every year after the winners of the Ladies and Men’s singles competition, this year BARRY and YVONNE, but it was obviously thought that this was a step to far!

Thanks to Martin S who had the idea and to all who took part, it led to a fun end to the AGM.