Club opening day Saturday 17th April 2021 – 10-30am

Club opening day Saturday 17th April 2021 – 10-30am

Whilst we are still awaiting information from Bowls England regarding Covid restrictions, we are expecting to be able to open our club on Saturday 17th April with certain restrictions, namely playing on only every other rink and maximum 6 members per rink for roll-ups.

There will be a booking system through the Club Secretary as per last year, along with all the restrictions we had in place in 2020 including sanitising etc.

Members will be advised as soon as we have received B.E. instructions.

The green is looking very good.  Some members have started the work on the flower beds and replacing slabs in the surrounding.

If you are passing by, please give them a cheery hello to help encourage them in their hard work.  Meanwhile a big thank you from the club members for all your hard work – you know who you are.