18th October Green mowed and looking good

Just had to take a photo of the green today, thanks to Derek for mowing, great job not only mowing but taking away the grass, how many bags, I would guess about 20!

Great job, looking good, however when I was watching 2 wagtails decided to have a peck around the Owls feet, so obviously Owls are not their natural enemy, but hopefully the wagtails are enjoying the leather jacket grubs!

Can you spot Barry looking on with a certain amount of pride!


First cut of the Autumn/Winter, looking good.


16th October – 1st Anniversary of the Calne Short Mat Club

Wednesday brought the end of the 1st year at Calne Short Mat and to celebrate 24 turned up to enjoy what has become a very popular sport.

No cakes, balloons or fireworks, just good old fashioned fun, see below.

This was the preparation to get the wood on the jack, see next picture, well done Edwina
Edwina shows the happiness of short mat bowls, after only 2 sessions!
It takes concentration
Now it gets serious! Ro will make sure that Paul gets it right
Looks more like a 100 mtr start

16th October 2019 Calne in Bloom Awards

On Wednesday Barry, Jan and Yvonne attended the presentations along with Pat and Gladys to receive an award. Below is a picture of Yvonne collecting the award.

Thanks to all who helped this year, a lot of hard work was put in and it is appreciated. Next year onwards and upwards!

Yvonne receiving the Calne Bowls Club Award for 2019



October / November 2019

Now the season has finished and bowlers can polish there woods and put them away (except for the short mat players of course) we enter the season of meetings, account auditing, minute taking, agenda fixing, election of 2020 officers, etc

Key dates for the club are as follows:

Sunday 20th October 12-30 for 1 pm Presentation Lunch at the North Wilts Golf Club.

Saturday 26th October Ladies end of season meeting at the Pavilion 11 am

Saturday November 2nd Men’s end of season meeting at the pavilion 11 am

Saturday 23rd November Short Mat AGM at the pavilion 10-45am

Saturday 30th November Calne Bowls Club AGM at the pavilion 10-45 am


The Owls have arrived

Following last years attempt to feed the pigeon population of Calne on our grass seed, we have installed 2 Owls.So far they have been very successful, with only a lone Pheasant visiting the green last week.

For this idea we have to say thank you to Spencer Moulton, where they were spotted doing a great job on their green earlier this year.

At the moment they have been named TWIT and TWOO, not original but anyone is welcome to name them, there will be a prize of a bottle of wine for the person whose name are selected at this year AGM in November, just send an email to the address shown on this site ( email hidden; JavaScript is required ) and the winner will be advised in December and the result will be then shown on the website in December.

Twit and Twoo keeping the birds away, following the work on the green.

20th Sept wintering the green!

Many thanks to those that turned up this morning to help close the green.

Martin S and Barry W mowed and scarified the green twice in readiness for the sowing etc on Monday, whilst David J helped with storing things away and edging the green.

Pat and Jan sorted the woods in the ladies’ clubhouse in readiness for the asset register.

In the background our faithful gardener Rod beavered away tidying up the borders  Thanks go to Yvonne for clearing up the old plants earlier in the week and Jan and Martha for cleaning the pavilion/changing rooms also earlier in the week.

Martin G has built the extra shelf to give extra storage space (he’s great with Meccano as well!). He also started clearing the outside of the storage area, as well as helping to store items away and doing the trip to the recycling centre to get rid of the grass, etc – we nearly ran out of bags!

Josie popped in for an hour and helped Stuart to stack and put tables, chairs away.

All Stuart did was to bring the doughnuts – just can’t get the Secretaries nowadays!!

Anyway some photos to be going on with, more work will be done next Saturday in readiness for a new photo for the main website page.

Thanks to all those that helped, hope I haven’t missed anyone out.

Barry W (left) and Martin S (right) enjoying a race across the green.
All ready for the seeding, etc on Monday.
view towards the club house


15th September 2019 Closing Day

It was a very hot day and 4 full rinks were engaged in an epic struggle to see which bowler came out on top, although I think some were trying for the last prize?

In 1st place was Norman with +13

second was Rod with +11

and third was Steve M with +9

Last place went to Ro S. with a minus score.

It was an afternoon enjoyed by all,

with thanks to Paul starting the proceedings explaining the rules (unfortuantely he couldn’t stay due to health issues, get better soon Paul), Karen organising the Raffle and Martha at the sink!

Thanks to all who attended and helped setting up the rinks and also packing away.

Needless to say Norman was late as usual to collect his first place prize!

Here are some photos, hopefully not as bad as the last ones, I feel another new camera coming  soon.

Every head was keenly fought for, even with the measure!
A great example of close heads!
The Prize winners Left to right Rod, Ro, Norman and Steve M
Group enjoying refreshments at half time




Calne in Bloom Awards 2019 – Wednesday 16th October

There is an awards evening on Wednesday 16th October at 7-00 pm at the Town Hall, we have been asked to attend. We will the sending Barry the Chairman, Green fingered Yvonne and Jan the scarecrow!

Will we receive an award this year after all the hard work the club members put in to make the club look so colourful, we shall see, watch this space.

Whether we do or not a great big thank you to all concerned.

Short Mat Club – Monday 16th September 2pm

The Short Mat Club played their first friendly against Urchfont. This is a special step forward for the club and proved to be a very friendly, sociable occasion.

There were several spectators who saw some excellent bowling, whilst the final scores were as follows, it was all about the bowls and I am sure the fine members of Urchfont will teach us how to bowl once a return trip has been arranged.

First session 5 ends on 2 rinks.  7-2 and 4-3 to Calne

Second session 7 ends on 2 rinks   6-5 (1 dead end) and  5-6

22-16 to Calne 3 -1 rinks

The refreshments were very good, thanks to all those behind the scenes , as well as the bowlers, it was a very enjoyable afternoon

A collection of Urchfont and Calne bowlers, what do you call a collection of bowlers?
Action shot of very keen bowlers.



September 2019, season draws to a close

League games may have finished, but we still have some events to look forward to.

On Monday the West Wilts (Tuesday) team in winning Division 4 were in the finals at Spencer Melksham, they took the green at 2pm against the winners of Division 5 – Chippenham Town C – in the Quarter Final, it was a close game up until the 14th end when Calne took control and ran out 26-15 winners with one end to play.

On Tuesday Calne played North Wilts at Spencer Melksham in the Semi-final, unfortunately, they did not master the rink and lost 8-20, however it was a great achievement to get to the final 4, better luck in 2020.

On Tuesday 3rd Sept it was Club night as normal, however on the10th Sept it was the Pat Watson Twilight Bowl (inc.Fish and Chip supper) it started at 6pm and approx 40 members attended, 4 full rinks were played and the tables and chairs were set up on rink 5, the hope is that having set them up on rink 1 last year and despite certain people pointing out it would ruin the rink, Rink 1 turned out to be the best rink this year, so perhaps the magic will work on rink 5. It started out well, with the fish and chips arriving about 7-15pm, a little late but not done to Barry, thanks for organising them. play then resumed until about 8-45pm when it was pitch black, Jan managed to emulate Gladys effort and smash a jam jar, but Gladys would not be outdone and dropped one in the changing room and smashed it, well done to both of them.

All said it was a great night, the scores didn’t matter just the smiling faces, thanks to all who came and helped out and in particular to Pat who suggesed it last year, all being well it will become an annual event.

here are some photos of the evening, not the best unfortunately.

Group picture with Pat in the centre
Getting started
The woods got closer in the dark
Not a picture you would normally see, Rod under training for a lead!
Some of the spectators
Just before the light faded, fish and chips for all

On Saturday, the final of the Paul Mackie Trophy, was played between Yvonne and David J, the final score after a close game was David J 16 Yvonne 10, well done to both of them, this was the final competition game of the season.

David and Yvonne finalists in the Paul Mackie Trophy

There are also 2 league Gala days

North Wilts Monday Mixed at North Wilts Bowls Club on the 9th Sept.

and the

Men’s Mid Wilts Triples on the 22nd Sept at Chippenham Town.